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NBA Players are crying more than Jim Bakker after he got caught.

NBA trade deadline ended and thank goodness it did. I’ve never seen soooo many NBA players crying, whining about be trading or not being notified about being traded. And the ring leader is that arrogant, pompous and I do mean pompous piece of NBA trash LeBron James. Hey LeBron…Players get traded without notice, players get cut/waived without notice…that’s called the world of sports.

Hey LeBron…everybody don’t have the luxury to hold an hour long tv program just to announce their taking their talents to another team. Harrison Barnes won a ring in Golden St., then he went to Dallas and got $90 Million. And the team Harrison Barnes play with now (Sacramento Kings) record is better than the team he just got traded from.

So LeBron before you cry a river for Harrison Barnes about getting traded during his game. He’s not complaining about it and guess why LeBron…IT’S CALLED THE WORLD OF SPORTS. #QCB #MeWackNevaThat