The Answer Is...Always: The Kids

Michelle Holmes is a Master Kids Teacher (Golf), based out of Cahoon Plantation Golf Club in Chesapeake, Virginia.  

We have never met.

We have never spoken.

However, what she did yesterday has reminded me what I should be concerned about and why, in this game that continues to haunt our souls and break our hearts.

The answer is, and should always be, the kids.

In a week where I have been ranting and raving like a madman about cheapskate, tone-deaf golfers, and golfers who throw petulant tantrums with no repercussions, I need to take a step back.

We all do.

And the impetus for this?

That's right Michelle, no words needed.

Actions needed.

What do I need to do to make sure these two continue to love, grow, and stay in the game?

What can I, or my club do, to encourage more of THIS on a daily/weekly basis?

What words can I use, with the influence I have, to make this game more enticing to those who see and/or hear them?

Take a look at this picture.  Take a step back.  Think about why YOU love the game of golf and what YOU can do to make this picture so commonplace it doesn't even catch your eye?

I only wish Matt Kuchar and Sergio Garcia somehow end up with this in their Twitter-spheres.  Maybe, just maybe, it will cause them to stop, take a step back, and ask what THEY can do.