Steve Grayson/Getty Images

The Finest Gymnast In The World

If you haven't heard of Katelyn Ohashi, you soon will. She is simply the most exciting gymnast in the world and she's FAR from what you are used to seeing-in that world.

She is student at UCLA and the leader on their vaunted women's gymnastics team. She has scored eight, "Perfect 10" scores this year-six on the floor exercise where her routines have gone viral on multiple occasions.

What makes her so magnetic to me is her physicality. She not only IS NOT one of these arrested development, malnourished-looking waifs we've gotten used to seeing in the sport over the years, but the pure joy she expresses while doing what she obviously loves, is palpable.

Anyway, if you haven't seen her do her thing, here's her latest "Perfect 10" on the floor exercise at a meet at the University of Oklahoma.

Notice her teammates dancing and doing her choreography with her as she performs.

Charisma with a capital C.