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Golden State needs KD to win another title? Hell no they don’t. That’s like saying Superman needs someone to spot him while he’s bench pressing 250. DJANGO PLEASE!Tonight it’s game 1 of the Western Conf finals and KD is still hurt w/a strain calf but guess what folks…The Golden St Warriors won before KD came to the Bay. Remember KD joined the Warriors, it wasn’t the other way around.

Golden St. came back being down 3-1 to beat KD. Stephen Curry is still the a bad boy! Klay Thompson is still a bad boy! Draymond Green is a maniac but he too is a Bad Boy! Andre I. is 137yrs old but he also is a Bad Boy!

Steve Kerr is a heck of a coach. Golden St. got a deep, productive bench. So let’s just pump the brakes on this Golden St. needs KD to be successful. Not even close to being true My G!