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Because just going to the gym isn’t enough!

This is pretty interesting, the world’s first virtual reality gym has officially opened in San Francisco.

The gym promises to give those fitness buffs a workout “like no other that requires you to fight battles and beat opponents in a virtual world.”

The “high-intensity” workout lasts 30-minutes and is a combination of resistance training and cardio where you can battle against your past workouts, another person, or both.

Black Box VR, the company responsible for the gym, plans to expand to other markets and even want to release a home version of the VR workout.

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Come visit our flagship gym opening this week in San Francisco, CA. We are across the street from Twitter and Uber HQ on Market Street! • See what all the buzz is about and experience the WORLD'S FIRST VIRTUAL REALITY GYM EXPERIENCE. We just completed our newest commercial that pulls back the curtain a bit more on what Black Box VR is about. You can notice a few things that have developed since our first teaser: • 1.) We have a patent-pending Dynamic Resistance Machine we can show in the video (refined over 4 distinct versions and multiple iterations). This machine delivers 110 Lbs. of dynamic resistance per handle and puts you through a highly optimized and personalized 30-minute full body workout that includes HIIT training. Testers regularly hit 80%+ max heart rate and are pushed to lean-muscle building zones, all based on exercise science. • 2.) We have dialed in our AI that automatically progresses you. You don't have to think about what workout you should do, what weights you should select, etc. You set it and forget it. The game pushes you to a healthier version of yourself automatically and, with the power of virtual reality, you experience time dilation (30 minutes feels like 10) and the immersive experience enables you to push harder without focusing on the workout itself. • 3.) We have narrowed in on our game experience that is a battle arena virtual sport. As you level up your body, you level up your characters and explore epic arenas. Because of the sporting nature of the experience, we can build on the core gameplay almost infinitely with championships, tournaments, social competitions and more. • Visit link in bio to get early access. • Special shoutout to the creatives that made the magic happen: @prestonjlewis - Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, @rw_scribner - Director of Photography, @mdoubleday - Audio Engineer, Colby Morgan - Game Capture, Jeremy Wynn- 3D Modeling, @sean_sarantos - Actor, @thisishowyouvegan - Actress. Also, to the entire Black Box VR team for all that has gone into the hardware and gameplay featured. #vrfitness #virtualreality #htcvive #futurist #sanfrancisco

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