Hey KD...It's Too Late My G. Golden St's Dun-Zo

Kevin Durant...The Warriors down 3-1 and NOW you wanna come back? DJANGO PLEASE!I was rooting for Golden St because It'll be cool to see a three peat. I like three peats especially when Serena Williams three peated her cat suit back in the early 2000's.

Kevin Durant should've been trying to come and help his team even though I said they didn't need KD to beat Toronto. But nevertheless it's toooo late KD. KD is trying to be all heroic (if he even plays). Who KD think he is...An Avenger?

Well KD I don't know if you seen End Game but (spoiler alert) in the bootleg copy I seen that I purchased from Hussle Man that comes through the barbershop...Every Avenger got destroyed.

Nice Try KD but ya ass it too late. Q