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With so much speculation as to who will be the Panthers starting QB moving forward, Kyle Allen proved he should be in the conversation…Even with Newton healthy.


Is Kyle Allen For Real?

Amazing what this offense is capable of when it’s QB can put the ball where it needs to be. That’s not a knock on Cam, he’s clearly still struggling with that ankle sprain and he mentioned a sore shoulder multiple times after games this year. That’s trouble for any QB, especially one who depends on his ability to run. But Kyle Allen delivered on the throws that Cam has missed the first two games of the season. That was the biggest difference. Kyle Allen is for real and there is a real QB controversy if and when Cam is 100%, especially if Allen continues to play at this level.


O-Line Finally Woke Up

It only took a strip-sack on the first drive for the O-Line to get in gear. This was a big concern going into the game: Does it matter who we have under center if the O-Line can’t protect them? In order for Allen to play as well as hed did yesterday, the line had to give him a clean pocket and plenty of time to go through progressions. They did just that. After that first drive, they were extremely consistent.


Moore, Samuel, CMC and Olsen All Contributed

It was said that all week, Allen prepared like a veteran QB. That caught the eye of his teammates and it clearly paid off. Everyone looked to be on the same page, something we haven’t been able to say this season. Moore showed why the Panthers drafted him in the first round with his Yards after catch ability. Samuel purchasing that Jugs machine may have been the best decision he ever made. His hands were on full display making some really difficult catches. And Olsen looked like he went back in time to 2016, he was all over the field as Allen’s security blanket. How can I not mention CMC? All he did was record the longest rush of his career (76 yards) and finished with 153 yds on 24 carries. Not bad Christian, not bad.


Panthers Defense Starting To Come Around

After having four sacks through two games and just one turnover forced, the Panthers went ahead and doubled both…in just one game. Recording 8 sacks and 2 ints, this Panthers D looked as advertised in the second half. Kyler Murray scrambled with ease for much of the first half and give Kingbury credit, some of those play designs were extremely creative. But the Panthers shut down the offense for most of the second half. Donté Jackon made up for some early missed tackle with two huge interceptions. If this defense starts clicking, it’s gonna be a problem for other teams.

It’s crazy how one game can change how you feel about a team going forward. It’s just one game but this group looks exciting with Allen under center.


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