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In a move many saw coming this season, the Redskins have fired Jay Gruden after a disappointing 35-49-1 record during his six year tenure.

Washington is 0-5 this season and has been a complete mess from top to bottom. Last week, the Redskins threw an ill-prepared Dwayne Haskins in the game. He promptly threw three INT, one of them returned for a touchdown. Washington officials reported all season, including up to the Giants game, that Haskins “Wasn’t even close to ready.” So why put him in the game after half-time? He hadn’t even taken any first-team reps the week prior.

Washington kept it close against New England this week but the Patriots eventually pulled away, winning 33-7. Jay Gruden says he holds no grudges saying “This is a performance-based business and I just didn’t get it done.”

Bill Calahan takes over as interim head coach and just like that, the Dolphins actually have a chance to win a game this season. They play the Redskins this coming week.

As to who will succeed Gruden permanently, that remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Dan Snyder will have to open up his wallet to get a decent HC to come to Washington.


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