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The Panthers cut bait with a player who made multiple mistakes this Sunday. Not Joey Slye but back up safety/nickel Rashaan Gaulden.


While Ron Rivera did say they would discuss bringing in kickers for a workout after an ugly outing by Joey Slye, Rashaan Gaulden was the odd man out today. Rivera said the reason they cut ties with the former 3rd round pick was “strictly a football decision.” Gaulden made two costly mistakes in Sunday’s matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

Gaulden had been open about his frustrations when it came to lack of playing time, he walked out of a practice in August but the reason was never disclosed. Special Teams was the best way for him to make a contribution while being stuck behind Eric Reid at the safety spot.

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On a crucial 4th quarter punt, Gaulden interfered with a fair catch and allowed the Saints to have great field position. On the very same play, Rashaan Gaulden picked up an unnecessary roughness penalty after starting a fight with a Saints player.

The Saints proceeded to march down the field and score a touchdown just four plays later and ultimately ended up winning on a last-second field goal by Will Lutz.


No corresponding move has been made at the moment to fill Gaulden’s roster spot.


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