Holiday gift ideas

A new study released the most common gifts and holiday traditions. The study surprised me with how many people actually give homemade gifts, the rest won’t surprise you because you have probably already gotten one.

The study says:

  • 61% of people say they have a traditional holiday gift they give every year.
  • Another 64% say they have a traditional gift they receive every year
  • Many of these go-to gifts are practical ones, with the top recurring gift being sweets (47%). Other recurring gifts include:
    • Something homemade (44%)
    • A gift card/money (46%)
    • Makeup products (37%)
    • Books (34%)
    • Self-care items (33%)
    • A toothbrush (32%)
    • Skin products (31%)
    • Underwear (30%)
    • Pajamas (30%)

And when it comes to holiday gift gifting, most Americans follow certain traditions. In fact, 86% of Americans say holiday traditions are important to them.

Among the most popular gifting traditions:

  • Opening one present on Christmas Eve (45%)
  • Allowing one person to distribute gifts from the Christmas tree (45%)
  • Opening presents at midnight on Christmas (44%)
  • A White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange (40%)
  • Gifts for the pets (36%)
  • The specific order of opening gifts (35%)

My family is struggling with Holiday traditions this year. Typically we always spend Christmas at my parents house however this year things will be different. My sister and her kids are staying at her house, and everyone is more than welcome to swing by and visit. You would think this would be a small change in tradition, but I’m not sure if parents are on board. A new tradition we may be starting is opening up a present on Christmas Eve.

Source: SWNS Digital

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