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DALLAS, TX - NOVEMBER 06: Head coach Matt Rhule of the Temple Owls during play against the Southern Methodist Mustangs in the first half at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on November 6, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Matt Rhule introduction as the Panthers Head Coach was more of a Joel Osteen sermon mixed with a little Denzel in Remember the Titans. Let’s not act like I’m the only one that when it was announced that Matt Rhule was the new Panthers head coach you shook your head and was like, “huh? Who? Why?”.

It’s not a hating thing it’s just college coaches that come to the pros don’t have a good success rate. Usually the coaches that made the transition won a National Championship or two or won big time bowl games over a number of years.

David Tepper better be right on this decision because if not this could set the Panthers back at least 5-7 years of being a bad football team. Now I don’t know if Matt Rhule can coach in the NFL but what I do know is if he wanted too he could be a bigger pastor than Jim Bakker. Q