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The XFL starts today, one week after Super Bowl 54. The D.C. Defenders and the Seattle Dragons are the first to clash. While there’s no doubt that people can’t get enough football, but will the XFL be entertaining enough to keep people tuned in?


The XFL is making its comeback and so far, so good. They’ve made more than a few tweaks to make it seem a little more transparent than the NFL. Giving fans an opportunity to listen to how players and coaches communicate on and off the field. Letting viewers get an inside look in the locker room at halftime so you can listen to game adjustments and even coach’s speeches.

They also handle kickoffs a little differently.

It seems safer for all special teamers involved. Not allowing players to get a full head of steam before attempting to tackle their opponent. Also, if the Kicker can’t kick it past the opponent’s 20-yard line on the kickoff, the receiving team will start their drive on their opponents 45-yard line.

The XFL will also have an official with his only job being spotting the ball, which will come in handy in short-yardage situations. While in the NFL, the coach to player mic communication is cut off when the play clock is below 15  sec or the ball is snapped, whichever comes first. That’s not the case in the XFL, coaches can communicate with players at any time before, during or after the play.

Among other rules changes, the XFL has done a great job of simplifying the rules that drive NFL fans insane (i.e. What is a catch). So far the XFL seems like a nice alternative to the NFL, but will it last?


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