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CHESTER, PA - SEPTEMBER 16: Children play flag football before the Aviva Premiership match between the Newcastle Falcons and the Saracens at Talen Energy Stadium on September 16, 2017 in Chester, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

As someone who has coached and been around kids’ sports here’s what I can tell you for a fact.  NEVER is there a problem with the kids/participants?  No, any and all problems at these events arise from parents out of control.  The only thing worse to me than a parent “living out HIS/HER dreams through her child,” is one that loses complete control of their emotions, sanity, and behavior at a kids’ sporting event.

Exhibit A:  this brawl broke out at a Nile’s Michigan youth flag football game.  The video opens with the coach in a heated discussion with the referee and then takes a really dark turn when, after leaving the ref, the coach (presumably former coach) approaches the sidelines and then lays an out-of-the-blue haymaker on a dad.  The reason was given?  Coach didn’t like the way the dad was looking at him.  WOW.  The video is age-restricted, but I’ve included the link below.


This is scary and unfortunately, not a rare thing at all.  Parents…be better.

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