Working From Home - Remote work became a thing for millions worldwide. Working from home wasn't always easy, but doing it in sweats and PJs made it a little easier.

If you’re not comfortable or not able to go back to work, you’re certainly not alone. If you like working from home and would like to continue to work from home, here are some ways to negotiate with your boss.

  • Be transparent.
  • Explain why you don’t feel comfortable going back to work and how working remotely has had a positive impact on you. (77% of workers reported higher productivity working from home)
  • Discuss how you can represent the company outside of the office.
  • Create a dedicated workspace at home.
  • Discuss your mental health.
  • If you need to, you can also mention how you can cut down on Paid Time-Off. But make sure to wait to say this for when you really need to.

Are you comfortable going back into your office or would you prefer to work from home? What are some other negotiating tips that might help?

Source: Essence

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