Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time to focus on the next holiday on the horizon. Thanksgiving is November 25th, which means you have just over three weeks to get ready. According to Life Hacker, while things are a little calmer on the pandemic front this year, those supply chain issues we keep hearing about mean shopping maybe a little more expensive and stressful than usual. But time is on your side, especially if you get started now.

Here’s what you can do this week to prepare for Turkey Day:

  • Finalize your lists – The three main lists you need to focus on are your guest list, your menu – with backup dishes (just in case), and your shopping list. Try to nail down your headcount, then make sure you have enough plates, glasses, serving platters, roasting pans, and plenty of wine glasses.
  • Write out your menu – Include drinks, snacks, and desserts and figure out who’s bringing what. Come up with backup dishes, in case you can’t find what you need. Highlight non-perishables and frozen items you can buy now and get ready to head to the store.
  • Shop – If you plan on serving turkey, figure that out first. Whether you’re buying a frozen Butterball at the grocery store or ordering a heritage bird from a local farm, now’s the time to do it. In addition to the turkey, go ahead and buy:
    • Canned and boxed ingredients, including pumpkin, cranberry sauce, and broth.
    • Shelf-stable ingredients and pantry items, like crispy fried onions, flour, oil, and sugar.
    • Frozen foods and things that freeze well, like butter and pre-made pie crusts.
    • Serving platters – If you need casserole dishes or wine glasses, skip Target and hit up your local thrift store instead.
    • Drinks – Soft drinks, beer, and wine, but especially booze, which may be hardest to find because of a glass bottle shortage.
    • Toilet paper – Especially if you have house guests staying with you.
  • Don’t be a jerk – Snagging an extra can of cranberry sauce for sandwiches is one thing, but don’t be the a-hole who clears off the shelf.
  • And remember what the holiday is really all about – Thanksgiving is less about having the perfect turkey dinner you saw in a magazine and more about being thankful to be with your loved ones.

Source: Lifehacker