One of the early investors of Eggland’s Best, Braswell Family Farms is now the second-largest franchisee today and is one of North Carolina’s oldest family businesses. Located in Nashville, North Carolina, just 45 minutes outside Raleigh, we wanted to give a big shout-out to this local farm.

From a struggling mill built in 1943 to a leading producer of specialty eggs for the east coast from New York to Florida, the Braswell family business has gone through 77 years of hard work, good fortune, tragedies, and enduring faith that has led them to produce some of the most nutritious and ethically farmed eggs on the market.

Each generation has taken this farm in a different direction, as noted in the below timeline. As a key player in the East Coast’s f&b industry, Trey Braswell can speak with you for a story highlighting the history that helped bring organic, pasture-raised, free-roaming, and free-range eggs mainstream to our refined breakfast table. These are not your grandma’s eggs. Way to go!

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