The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center located in Chapel Hill is a great place to learn all about North Carolinas history. Some of the exhibits cover a wide range of topics, such as Firsts in Flight, which pays tribute to African Americans and describes their contributions to space exploration and the development of aviation in great detail. It is free to attend.

The Tar Heel State has a lot of fun and entertaining activities, but what is the most fun city in North Carolina? We turn out we aren’t as fun as we thought we were according to Wallethub’s rankings of the “most fun cities in the United States”. Raleigh was ranked as the highest-ranked city in North Carolina, coming in at 37th overall.

The top two spots went to Las Vegas and Orlando, respectively (see the top 5 below). What about Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina fun city rankings? Charlotte fell in at number 55 on the list. Well… it didn’t exactly get more entertaining. Here are the rest of our major cities in their list of 182 metros:

  • Charlotte – 55
  • Durham – 71
  • Raleigh – 37
  • Greensboro – 90
  • Winston-Salem – 96
  • Fayetteville – 117

All is not lost, as we’re still more fun than Toledo, Ohio, and Anchorage, Alaska! And Pearl City, Hawaii took the last spot in the ranking, just below Brownsville, Texas.

Charlotte did rank highly in Most Park Playgrounds per Capita, coming in at a tie for best in the nation. And Durham was tied for 5th in Lowest Average Beer Price. Winston-Salem was No. 4 in Lowest Movie Costs, with most of the major California cities coming in at the bottom of those rankings.

Source: WalletHub


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