You can’t go anywhere without seeing ‘Now Hiring’ signs. Finding and retaining employees is the biggest obstacle facing employers currently. But if you’re looking for a job or a raise this might be the best time for you. Joblist recently conducted a poll of employers and employees on what steps they are taking to retain the talent they have.  Or in the case of the employees asking what their employers could do to improve employee retention. One surprising finding from the study? 80% of those who asked for a raise were successful. I’ll be right back going to go track down my boss ASAP. Other notable findings from the employee retention survey include:

  • Employers have lost 4 employees, on average, in the past six months and 29% are fearful of losing more employees in the next six months
  • 57% of employers believe they will be successful in preventing further employee turnover
  • When asked, employees say the top things employers can do to prevent turnover are:
    • Change or improve benefits (70%)
    • Allow flexible scheduling (64%)
    • Allow employees to continue working remotely or hybrid (62%)
    • Offer unscheduled raises or promotions (59%)
  • 41% of employees report asking for a raise in the past three months, and 80% of employees who asked for a raise were successful, receiving an average of 5% more pay

Read the full study here