The South is filled with some of the best college towns, and North Carolina is showing out with some of the top college towns and cities in the country, according to rankings by WalletHub.
WalletHub compared more than 400 U.S. cities of different sizes on 30 key indicators of academic, social, and economic opportunities for students. There is data ranging from the cost of living to the quality of higher education.
The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (unsurprisingly) took the number 13 spot on the list – the highest for a school in our state. That was just behind Tampa, Fla. for comparison’s sake.
Raleigh came in just behind Chapel Hill, the proud home of NC State University. Wilmington came in at No. 35 on the list, thanks to the beach atmosphere at UNCW. And what about Charlotte? Well, it’s on the list… coming in at No. 63. Not too bad. And finally, the last town on the list is the city of Compton, CA at number 415. Ouch.

Source: WalletHub

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