My significant other and I decided to give each other experiences this Christmas rather than physical gifts. The reason for this is that we have no need for anything. Our list included a visit to a newly opened mini-golf course in Charlotte called Monster Mini Golf.

Ethan, my boyfriend, found out about it while searching for things to do in Charlotte. The course is located in the university area and I was really excited to check it out. When we got there, it wasn’t crowded at all which I was very thankful for. I didn’t want to feel rushed while golfing, so we went on a weekday night. It was $22 for two people to play 18 holes of mini-golf.

The entire course will be illuminated by blacklight, so wear white! (So you’ll glow) I won’t reveal all, but you get to enjoy some really awesome animatronics while golfing. The giant troll man was my favorite. He told a story and it really added to the experience. You can see a video of my experience here.

I didn’t win, but I had a wonderful time with my love. It was a great way to disconnect from our digitally driven lives and reconnect. At the facility there is also bowling, an arcade, and a laser course. We didn’t do those this time, but definitely want to try them out on our next visit. In addition to laughing, losing balls, and getting a workout in, we had a great time. I highly recommend it. You can see more on Monster Mini Golf here.

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