So much of our data these days is on our phones or somewhere on the internet. But that means the cybersecurity threat is always growing. We saw earlier this year with the colonial pipeline just how damaging cyber attacks can be to day-to-day life. But what if you were to be hacked? Is that the worst-case scenario? Would you rather be hacked or have your phone stolen?

A survey by Beyond Identity asked people these questions are more. See their results and some surprising findings below.

Key Takeaways

  • 58% of full-time employees felt having their work account hacked would be the most impactful, significantly more impactful than having their social accounts (21.1%) or personal accounts (20.9%) hacked.
  • One in four full-time employees reported they would be terminated by their employer if their work account got hacked.
  • In a ransomware scenario with personal accounts, 51.5% of respondents would spend the most to recover their mobile banking account, more than all other personal accounts combined.


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