It’s been a rough season for the Panthers. But the Carolina Panthers did lead the NFL in one category- food hygiene violations. Yeah, I guess that’s not one to be proud of. Overall more than 2,500 critical food hygiene violations were discovered at NFL stadiums throughout the last five years. This is according to a study by Pickswise. In all, health inspectors uncovered more than 2,770 of these critical food violations from September 2016 to October 21st. This was part of 8,238 inspections at 25 stadiums.

And coming out on top was the hometown Carolina Panthers with a whopping 393 critical food hygiene violations over the last five years in Bank of America Stadium. Reported violations included hot dogs being stored at incorrect temperatures, lack of staff paper towels, and employee drinks stored in hand sinks.

Though this seems like a drop in the bucket considering ouse droppings were found on at least two separate occasions at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. That’s not all live flying insects in the kitchen areas were recorded in Jacksonville and documented as a repeat violation. In total, more than 10,000 violations occurred over the five-year period. About a quarter of these are classified in the ‘critical’ category.

  • A numerical breakdown of Pickwise report:
  • Facilities inspected: 24,338
  • Jurisdictions assessed: 24
  • NFL-related food safety inspections: 8,238
  • Facilities in NFL stadiums analyzed: 2,380
  • Stadiums: 25
  • States: 19

NOTE: The ‘criticality’ of a violation was determined by Pickswise using the ‘severity’ of a violation. The ‘severity’ of a violation is the official nomenclature used by the local health department as represented in their raw inspection data.

Here is how the stadiums stacked up: