At the beginning of the week, we were bracing for a second dose of winter weather. But that was just a prediction and predictions change often. So what does the forecast look like now? Should we expect snow in Charlotte this weekend?

According to the latest forecast on, we could see some wet snow but right now no accumulation is expected. Temperatures today, when most of the precipitation is in the area, will be above freezing. The low tonight is 29 so depending on how long the rain sticks around we could see some snow mixed in. That will be limited to a dusting, however. The main issues will be with travel in the morning as roads will be icy due to all the rain today and sub-freezing temperatures overnight. There is a 90% chance of rain today. Since the weather event is starting as rain roads are going to be unable to be salted. The high tomorrow is 31 with a low of 21 which means none of that ice will be able to melt.

The snow chance looks better the farther east you go with 1-3 inches of snow expected in the Triangle area. As someone who has lived in both places throughout the year, it’s rare that both get a good accumulation of snowfall. Ironically, weather permitting, I’m heading that way this weekend so I’ll put that theory to the test. But as always when it comes to the weather, this is a prediction and subject to change. Who knows maybe we will see snow in Charlotte this weekend!

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