We are all very familiar with what Gastonia looks like, but others are not. This was extremely evident when one TikToker posted a video of a remote, beautiful mountain town, labeled it Gastonia, and fooled thousands!

Zachary Keesee, is the man who posted the video that has now gathered over 5 million views. The video shows a serene, quaint winter town, with massive mountains surrounding the town. The reallocation of the video is in Switzerland, but Zachary labeled the video as Gastonia, NC.


Reply to @johnzimmerschied Gastonia, North Carolina. A TRUE gem 💎 #gastonia #northcarolina #switzerland #nc

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Some people were quick to point out the prank, writing, “This looks like Switzerland” in the comments. Others though really did take the video seriously and thought this incredible view was right here in North Carolina. Zachary is taking full advantage of the new Tik Tok trend and has continued posting beautiful videos with the wrong tagged locations.


Driving on Sugar Creek, Charlotte, North Carolina! #sugarcreek #charlotte #northcarolina #nc

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Reply to @yourdailymulti everyone wants to see how lovely Fayetteville is this time of year! #northcarolina #nc #fayetteville

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The joke is especially funny for those living around these areas in North Carolina, as we know very well that this is not what those places look like.

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