Is North Carolina facing a massive food shortage?

According to NCJustice.Org, North Carolina ranks number 10th in the nation for hunger. There are nearly 590,000 households in North Carolina that do not have enough food to eat each day. North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation and the pandemic is not helping fix this massive issue.

If you’ve been to any grocery store lately you will see it is sad to say but the shelves are looking rather bare. Many grocery stores across North Carolina continue to offer empty shelves and higher prices. I went last week and my favorite energy drink that used to be $2 a can is now $4.

Globally, the pandemic has caused a wide range of problems. There are many reasons why a North Carolina food shortage is in place. Because of supply chain issues, labor shortages, and transportation shortages consumers can expect to see less and less of their favorite foods for purchase. In 2022, COVID-19 is expected to be one of the main causes of food shortages.

In addition to these factors, weather, availability of ingredients and materials, equipment availability, transportation logistics, gas prices, and resources to watch over children are also why we might be facing food shortages. One thing I don’t get is if we are facing a massive food shortage, then maybe we should focus on putting nutritious items on the shelves…not Valentine’s Day candy.

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