Let’s get a three-peat! It’s been almost more than three years since we have been graced with snow in Charlotte, North Carolina and now there is a chance we will get three snowstorms in a row! Charlotte could see snow Friday night so wear your pajamas inside out.

Turns out we might have been right about another week of snow for the Charlotte area. We’re becoming snow bunnies in the Carolinas after last weekend’s fluffy white stuff, aren’t we? Charlotte may be hit by a major east coast nor’easter, according to the National Weather Service. There is a possibility of light snow on Friday due to this storm.

National Weather Service Growing Confidence

When it comes to snow forecasts, you want the National Weather Service on your side. The National Weather Service says more snow is in the forecast. Windy conditions and very cold temperatures are expected across North Carolina. Snow and icy roads are possible. We are expected to receive an inch or less of snow in Charlotte. In most cases, there won’t be five inches of the stuff, just a light dusting. It’s been like 55 degrees, but there’s a lot of cold air in the works.

So What Should You Expect?

It’s still a little early, but be prepared for some moisture Friday night and into Saturday. I feel like it might be like last week’s snow. Will it be just rain? Will it be snow? We don’t quite know yet. We’ll keep you updated on our weekly weather forecast.

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