Did you know that Saturday, February 5th is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? There really is a holiday for everything. I actually have a mug that says “eat cake for breakfast” and may or may not have done that. I don’t think I’ve ever had ice cream for breakfast though. This weekend I’ll have to chance that though! Not only is Saturday this incredible holiday it’s also the day Jeni’s Ice Cream is attempting to set the world record for most people eating ice cream for breakfast! Just like holidays, there are world records for everything! If you want to take part in this historic event it’s fairly simple. On Saturday morning just start your day off the best way possible: with your favorite ice cream. If you want your meal to be counted simply post a picture or video eating ice cream for breakfast to social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter) with the hashtag #IceCreamIsBreakfast. Posts between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Feb. 5 will count towards the record. Keep in mind your post must be from a public social account to be counted. As an extra incentive, five lucky participants will win a 12-month Pint Club membership, so they can enjoy ice cream for breakfast all year long!

So grab a pint or stop by a scoop shop on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Jeni’s will be opening all stores at 9 am in celebration! Not sure what flavor will be the best for breakfast? How about Maple Soaked Pancakes? This new limited-edition flavor is being launched just for the occasion. They describe the flavor as “fluffy pancake bites suspended in swirls of salted butter and maple syrup ice creams. Made with real Vermont maple syrup, this flavor will instantly transport you to Saturday morning at the local diner.” Now, this sounds like a flavor I can get on board with for breakfast! And an extra excuse to enjoy some ice cream before noon — as if we needed one!

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