Imagine wanting to go for a swim and then seeing an alligator just hanging out.

A massive alligator was found in a family’s swimming pool in Florida recently, according to Newsweek. In footage posted Tuesday (January 11) to the Facebook page of Hodge Pool Service, which operates out of Venice, Florida, the animal can be seen moving slowly through the pool before the arrival of the authorities. It is terrifying.

FWC was called to remove the alligator but the reptile wasn’t too eager to leave! They estimate that this Florida alligator was between six and eight feet long. Once removed from the pool, FWC took the gator to a safer location.

“I have never come across any alligators while servicing pools before. Some snakes and small rodents can be common but not alligators,” he said. “The FWC said it was between 6 and 8 feet.” Glad they got this massive alligator out safely.

No matter what’s in your pool, you will have peace of mind

Posted by Hodge Pool Service on Monday, January 10, 2022

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