If you’ve played at Two Kings Casino, then you know about the Share Change program. If you have a change on your gaming ticket, you can donate it in the clear bin next to the cashier. It will then be collected and turned into a donation.

Catawba Two Kings Casino donated another $10,000 to local nonprofit organizations through this program. During the Catawba Two Kings Casino Share Change program, the Cleveland County Partnership for Children (CCPFC) and Hospice Cleveland County each received $5,000.

“The Share Change program is a way for Catawba Nation and Catawba Two Kings Casino to make a positive change in our community,” Catawba Assistant Chief Jason Harris said. “We thank our generous casino patrons and are happy to support such worthy organizations.” Funds were raised for Hospice Cleveland County and Cleveland County Partnership for Children from October through Dec. 31, 2021.

The casino launched the Share Change program several weeks after its July opening and anticipates that the program will grow as the casino grows. The first $10,000 donation benefitted the Cleveland County Fund for Children and Adults with Disabilities, and new charitable recipients will be designated every three months. You can see more on this charitable donation here.


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