Let’s talk about sex baby! Ready for Valentine’s Day? Want to get a little adventurous? How about we give you some insight into North Carolina’s favorite fetish and sex position.

Where are people getting down and dirty around the United States? Apparently, everywhere and in many scandalous ways. Thanks to a recent study from Nasty Gal, we got to find out North Carolina is team Standing 69 and we love feet. Overall, the most popular position in the US is the ‘corkscrew’ – a favorite in places like California and the South. Alabama, West Virginia, and Missouri all have this in their top spot.

The Results

For 16 states, the most popular sex position is the ‘standing 69’ including Florida, Michigan, and Arizona. Got some sexy feet? Well, the study found foot fetishes are the most popular kink across the country, including California, Colorado, and 31 other states. Other States’ most common fetishes are less popular, with only two or three sharing the same ones. Only three states have the second most popular kink: a ‘sexy photoshoot’. This includes Idaho, South Carolina, and Washington.

As far as sexual fantasies go in the USA, searches for ‘mature porn’ are up compared to last year, experiencing growth in one state specifically. Tennessee searches for this term have gone up 86%. You can see the full study and all state findings here.

USA Map of Kinks

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