Taking Dead Aim Golf Show

Sat. 7a-8a & Sun. 11a-12p

No one really talks about it, but it truly is a vital part of any good golfer’s game:  a pre-shot routine.  I was a basketball player of note in my youth.  Pre-shot routine is a concept that translate from that game to golf.  Watch the next time you see a player on TV step to the foul line.  He/she does the same thing, every time, before taking the shot.  The thought being, familiarity brings comfort.  You do something familiar every time in a pressure situation, and you’ll be comfortable in that situation.  Same thing with the golf swing (and putting, btw).  Here, our resident PGA Master Teaching Professional, Nick Jacobi, gives you the basics.

Join us next week as we continue to work on the basics.  And by basic, I mean your actually golf clubs themselves.  What’s in your bag?  What needs to be there?  See ya next. week.