It’s something Alfred Hitchcock may have dreamt about. A massive pile of over 500 dead birds was found in the North Carolina woods. And as someone terrified of that movie, it’s a source of my nightmares. A viewer of Raleigh news station WRAL shared a photo of the dead birds with the media outlet. That photo has now led to an investigation by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. The photo, which shows about 500 chickens in a field was taken off Herring Road in Sampson County, NC. Sampson Country is east of Fayetteville.

Sampson County, NC

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WRAL launched an investigation to try to solve the mystery. WRAL’s Gilbert Baez spoke with a truck driver who works for a company hired to transport the birds to a landfill. According to their report, the trucker says they were hired by Valley Proteins though he does not know if they had any involvement in how the birds ended up in the North Carolina woods. The area is somewhat remote so it is likely whoever is responsible picked this area with the hopes of getting away with it. Anyone caught dumping can be subject to civil penalities.

The team has spent more than a week removing the chickens, while the work is in progress neighbors are dealing with the smell as well as buzzards. One neighbor told WRAL the pile of raw animals was 20-30 feet long. An investigation has shown the birds did not contain any disease or other issues.

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As found by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission