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We all may think we’re excellent drivers, but with the number of accidents we see on the road, that’s obviously not true. Of course, some states are more known than others for their bad drivers, and now a new report reveals where you can find the worst of the worst.

  • has come out with their list of the worst drivers in the country.
  • The list is based on a variety of factors including, overall car accident fatality rate, deaths related to breaking traffic laws, careless driving deaths, drunk driving deaths, and speeding deaths.
  • Two states tied for the overall worst drivers, New Mexico and Texas.
  • Both of these states performed the worst when it came to careless driving, with New Mexico the absolute worst.
  • Overall accident fatality rates for the Top 10 states averaged at 1.34 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

Top 10 States With The Worst Drivers

1.New Mexico (tied)
1. Texas (tied)
3. Montana (tied)
3. South Carolina (tied)
5. Louisiana
6. Alabama (tied)
6. Hawaii (tied)
8. Arizona
9. Oregon
10. Nevada


  • WalletHub just came out with their list of the best and worst states to drive in
  • They judged the 50 states across 31 key indicators of a positive commute.
  • Those factors include things like average gas prices, the share of rush-hour traffic congestion, road quality, and more.
  • With all that in mind, the overall best state for driving in Iowa, which scores 62.4 out of 100.
  • Iowa earns its highest marks for cost of ownership (5) and traffic and infrastructure (7).
  • When it comes to traffic and infrastructure, North Dakota tops the list, while Connecticut ranks highest for safety, Tennessee is tops for the cost of ownership & maintenance and California is tops for access to vehicles and maintenance.