Teachers have had a hard time the past few years, with many leaving the profession altogether. Teacher pay has been a hot topic as well. In fact, to help with retention CMS recently voted on bonuses for all full and part-time employees. But teachers from one North Carolina school district report that they are not being paid at all right now. One Gaston County Schools employee told Queen City News she hasn’t been paid in full since December.

Apparently, the district switched payroll systems which is the reason for the delay. The issue seems to mainly be impacting substitute teachers, cafeteria workers, and front-office employees. The individual mentioned earlier claims that at least 100 people at just one school have been experiencing payroll issues.

Gaston County Schools employees are scheduled to get their next paycheck Friday. Will the teachers continue to not get paid or will the issue finally be resolved? Only time will tell.

Source Queen City News

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