Poor lady. This is a really strange story but if you love baseball, you might already know about it. On August 17th, 1957 baseball player Richie Ashburn fouls and then hit a fan by the name of Alice Roth twice in the same game! He hit her once while at bat playing for the Philadelphia Phillies and then once while she was on the stretcher. The 1st hit broke her nose and the 2nd one...well just hit her. That's some terrible luck.

Major League Baseball please! Your league is more crooked than QUASIMODO’S spine. You won’t put Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa (who’s a white man now) and countless steroid/PED using players in the Hall of Fame…Not to mention you caught the Houston Astros cheating (sign stealing) to win their World Series a few years back and they still were allowed to keep the title.

So now MLB shady Billionaire and shady Millionaires can’t come to terms on money? America’s Pastime my ass. This is a complete freakin joke. MLB has had strikes before and everytime it happens it sucks not for the all players but some and especially true baseball fans. Imagine if your a MLB player who makes about $20,000 a game and this nonsense is going on. You would be sweating like Danny Glover in A Raisin in the Sun for this mess to end. Now if your Clayton Kershaw or Bryce Harper (who’s an arrogant, pompous and I do mean pompous piece of MLB trash) who get something like $150,000 a game you could care less about when this lockout will end.

Look it’s this simple…get out your feelings, give each other what they need and let’s get to some fresh smelling cut grass. Acuna Jr, Tatis, Trout and other ballers are ready to get it. Hey MLB commish…put on your big boy draws, walk tall in the next meeting and show them that “Yours” is bigger than any one that’s in the room. I wanna hear two words: PLAY BALL.

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