Mail delivery days will not be decreasing. The Postal Service reform bill was passed last night by both parties in Congress. The bill now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk, who is expected to sign it into law. This new reform bill comes on the heels of numerous complaints about the USPS and mail service.

I personally know that I ordered many things during the COVID pandemic and have continued to as we have returned to normal. I also have to say that I experienced significantly more issues with orders delivered by the postal service than any other company. So, I will say some complaints were justified IMO.  Additionally, it was expected that the USPS would run out of money by 2024 if Congress did not step up and take action.

The hardest hit by the post office’s struggles are those in rural America who may not be as easily accessed by private companies. People don’t just depend on the service for cards and letters, but bills, life-saving medications, government checks, and more.

Many of the financial issues the post office has struggled with can be attributed to the declining sales of postage stamps, with used to more adequately fund the service. Each year approximately one million additional locations receive service from USPS.

Here are some of the items covered in the Postal Service Reform Bill:

  • The requirement that mail be delivered 6 days a week will become law. Exceptions are made for federal holidays, natural disasters, and other incidents.
  • The Postal Service will no longer have to finance health care benefits in advance. This will remain in place for 75 years.
  • Future retirees will be required to sign up for Medicare. The Postal Service would pay current retirees’ actual health care costs not covered by Medicare.
  • An online dashboard will be set that will allow citizens to search zip codes to see an estimate on how long it will take to deliver to that zip code.

The bill has received bipartisan support as well as being endorsed by Biden, postal unions, and the Postal Service.

Source WCNC