Taking Dead Aim Golf Show

Sat. 7a-8a & Sun. 11a-12p

When it comes to common mistakes made on the golf course.  This may be THE most common and THE most egregious.  And let’s be honest, this is a guy thing almost 100%.  Why?  The male ego gets in the way.  It even gets in the way when it comes to having fun doing something you’ve paid good money to do.  So, put your ego in the closet and play the right tee markers.  You’ll enjoy it more.  The people you play with will enjoy it more.  And because your pace of play will undoubtedly improve, the people behind you will enjoy it more.  Now, how to determine which tee is best for you?  EASY!

So again, to figure out which tee marker to play from:  take your average five-iron distance, multiply that number by 36 and the end number is the maximum yardage you should be playing on the golf course.  Join us next week to learn the best way to maximize your pre-round bucket/bag of balls on the range.  See you then!