Beautiful beaches can be found in North Carolina. Since the 1930s, North Carolina beaches have been a top destination for families. You could visit the Outer Banks, Wrightsville Beach, or even Topsail Beach. Rental cottages and beach houses are popular on the coast as people go to escape the heat, enjoy the ocean breezes, swim in the Atlantic waters, and have a good time with friends and family.

One thing we love about the summer is a weekend on the beach. Finding a great beach house can be a hassle sometimes, but what about purchasing one of your own? Whether or not you want one for the family or to rent out, lucky for you North Carolina is the perfect place to get one.

Travel + Leisure reports that a North Carolina town has some of the most affordable beach homes in the country. North Carolina’s coastline is filled with beautiful beaches, water creatures, and even more important, great beach houses! Of course, beach homes can come at a costly price, especially in this current market. But Travel + Leisure spotlights Morehead City as a go-to spot for an affordable beach home.

Morehead City ranks among the most affordable beach towns in the country to buy a vacation home, according to Travel + Leisure reports that with a median home price is $464,842, Carteret County is also among the cheapest in the state. Between affordability and the beach views, buyers are becoming attracted to the laid-back beach vibes in North Carolina. Morehead City is also part of the “Crystal Coast.” That is the 85-mile stretch of beaches and coastal towns also considered the Outer Banks. Morehead City has the largest community on the Crystal Coast and a great culture and dining scene, according to Travel + Leisure. Enjoy the North Carolina Seafood Festival, Carolina Chocolate Festival, and so much more! Not only will you get the chance to enjoy the culture, but the beach views are pretty great. Learn more about Morehead City in the full story here.

This North Carolina Beach Named One of the Best Beaches in the US