And the Town of Kill Devil Hills wants to make sure their summer guests know this.  So they posted the below video on YouTube:

So what makes these holes dangerous? Well for starters vacationers and lifeguards can fall into them when walking. They also pose a threat to animals such as endangered sea turtles. Driving on the beach is also allowed in Kill Devil Hills in the off-season and vehicles can get stuck in large holes. I know what you’re thinking just pay attention, it’s not that dangerous. That’s not quite true. A teen actually died from falling into a hole early this year in New Jersey.

But I know that you’re still going to dig. So what can you do to be safer? Keep your holes limited to knee-deep. And be courteous and fill the whole with packed sand when you pack up to leave. And make sure to monitor your children when they are playing in the sand.

Be safe out there and have fun!

Best Coastal Towns List Features North and South Carolina Towns

There are few things I love more than historic coastal towns. Whether the New England charm of Newport Rhode Island, the southern paradise of Charleston or Savannah, or the California beach like Santa Cruz. Fishing boats, quaint shops, beachside rollercoasters, live oaks, I love them all. So naturally, this list drew me in. It’s USA Today’s “Best Coastal Small Towns”. We are lucky that coastal towns from both North and South Carolina town made the list.

This list is part of USA Today’s recently released “10 best” campaign. Readers were able to vote for their favorites in a wide variety of categories. One of those categories was “Best Coastal Small Towns”. I’ve only briefly been to the South Carolina location and I’ve never ventured to the Outer Banks, the home of North Carolinas mention. I guess I’ll have to add both of those coastal towns to my Carolina bucket list.  But not just the Carolina towns drew me in. I’d honestly love to visit each town on this list. The picturesque views, calmness of the water, but also diversity of locales and experiences of every town are intriguing.  You’ve got locations from the northeast, west coast, gulf, and the east coast.

View the full article here or keep reading for the list!