Once a cheater, always a cheater? I personally do not think that is the case, but some people beg to differ. Which I completely understand, because cheating can be very hurtful and damaging to a relationship. Isn’t it crazy when you think about people who cheated on you in the past and now you may not even be worried about them anymore? Life does happen and as sad as it is, we eventually get over it. But, sometimes cheaters do in fact remain cheaters. Some people just do not believe in monogamy, but cheating for me is never okay. So, how do you avoid a cheater? I am not sure, but when you find out be sure to tell me!

One tip I can give about avoiding cheaters is to maybe stay away from where they may frequent. Sound crazy, right? Well, according to The Charlotte Post, certain cities in North Carolina are home to the most cheaters. Maybe they have a secret society or something, I guess. The Charlotte Post reports that according to a recent study, Durham, North Carolina is the infidelity capital of the state. If you have ever cheated and lived in Durham, then yes that includes you! My Dating Advisor gathered research to determine the top metros in the nation for cheaters.

Durham is the No. 1 spot for North Carolina but ranks No. 12 in the entire nation. Then comes along Raleigh at No. 28, Charlotte at No. 33, and Fayetteville at No. 53. Sounds to me like North Carolina is home to quite a few cheaters around here. Now, we may have some cheaters but we also have some great faithful people in the state as well. This is where I may need to relocate to after reading this. North Carolina’s most faithful cities include Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Cary.

As for those right here in Charlotte, here are some key things you may want to know. Charlotte has a 47% marriage rate, 12% divorce rate, and a 2% separation rate. I guess that either means people do not get caught cheating here much or they tend to work things out more. Which I hope it is the second option. Do any of these numbers surprise you? Just think about yourself or past partners? Hmm…

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