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It’s pretty cold out here lately, but we are trying to decide when the warm weather coming back. I have been freezing for weeks and beyond stressful. From long sleeves, sweaters, boots, and jackets we are beyond over this weather. But, is it not kinda crazy that warm weather is coming in a few months?

Suburbs 101 is discussing the hottest states in the United States for 2023. If you are wanting to maybe live in a warmer state, then I understand. There are a few states that are superior when it comes to having warm weather. Sunny, airy, and short sleeve shirts are always a thing. Even if you are not moving, then maybe you are contemplating traveling somewhere warm this summer. There are a few states that are perfect for you to consider. One important state is a Carolina destination. South Carolina has been named one of the hottest states in America for 2023. They took the average temperature for each state for all of 2022 to find out which states are the hottest. South Carolina came in at No. 7 for the hottest state in the country. South Carolina’s average temperate for all of 2022 was 63.8 Fahrenheit. It’s pretty cool right now, so 60’s feeling like a great feeling. Of course, coming in No. 1 is Floria. This is not a surprise to anyone, because Florid pretty much feels like summer year-round. Check out the full list here and see what other states made the list.