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Well, what can you say when it comes to this one? Be mindful, this is just a report of the state overall. There are tons of areas in every state that are rough and some areas that are perfectly fine. Let’s just get that out of the way before we dive into this information. Wondering if you live in one of America’s most dangerous states? Or maybe you already know. From the news, we see horror stories when it comes to some states, but things can truly happen anywhere. Some states may be more frequent than others.

Road Snacks knows how important safety can be to a person and they came up with a list of the most dangerous states in America for 2023. The information comes straight from FBI crime data to determine the order. No opinions, no speculations. Most people in these states know what areas to truly avoid when it comes to staying away from danger. South Carolina came in on the top 10 list for one of America’s most dangerous states for 2023. Not only is South Carolina in the top 10, but they are slightly high up. South Carolina is the No. 4 most dangerous state in America. South Carolina is notorious for property crimes. One of the most dangerous cities in the state is Myrtle Beach. All of the violence, theft, gun shots, and other criminal activity happens in the Myrtle Beach area pretty often. The state also received an F grade when it comes home and community safety. If you are from South Carolina or live in any part, can you agree to this? What areas are you thinking off as best to stay away from?