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Now, this might be kind of funny to think about. I am sure you never thought of it, but how about popular surnames? Coming from someone that grew up not having the most common last name, I did have a few people with the same last name as me in school. Have you ever met those people with the most common names though? You know like Johnson, Adams, Brown, and one of the most popular, Smith! Those are the names we are so used to seeing multiple people, not related, sharing the name. But, some states have names that tend to be more popular.

Ancestory.com shares some of the most common surnames in every state. Depending on the area, you may have a more popular name that is dominant in the area. But, what names are the most popular in the Carolinas? You probably won’t be surprised to know that North and South Carolina have the same popular surname. Can you guess which one it it? Well, according to Ancestory.com “Smith” is the most popular surname in both North and South Carolina. Now, let’s play a little game. Think of how many people you can recall right now with the last name Smith. Maybe you’re laughing because your last name is also Smith. Smith is one of the most popular names in America taking the No. 1 spot for multiple states.

Check out what other surnames are popular in other states. Maybe your last name is popular in another state nearby. Check out the full list here and tell us what you think!