Do you know what the smallest town in North Carolina is? What about South Carolina?

North Carolina has been making all types of lists lately. For example, some of those lists include:

With all of this information, North Carolina has a lot. Our big cities like Raleigh and Charlotte make these top lists but a lot of small towns also make these lists. All this talk about small towns got me thinking: What small town is truly the smallest?

Reader’s Digest compiled a list of the smallest town in each state. All of the information is from the 2019 U.S. Census information.

North Carolina

According to the list, Fontana Dam is the smallest town in North Carolina!

“This town in the Great Smoky Mountains has been around unofficially since the 1940s when the workers who built its namesake dam moved here – but it didn’t incorporate until 2011. Today, it has just seven permanent residents, but the many more people who populate the area include the visitors and seasonal staff of the Fontana Village Resort.”

SEVEN PERMANENT RESIDENTS!? Yeah, that’s a small town!

South Carolina

According to the list, Jenkinsville is the smallest town in South Carolina!

“In recent years, Jenkinsville took over from Smyrna as the smallest town in South Carolina, with 43 residents.”

WOW! These towns are really blowing my mind. I had no idea towns like this existed.