As a single girl, I’m more than qualified to say it- dating today sucks. It’s horrible. I’m constantly looking for a way to find a guy that’s not a complete creep. And that’s much easier said than done. I don’t know how it is in other places, but it has to be better right? So when I was sent this data by BetCarolina about the best states for dating, I was interested to say the least. Are you like me? Have you ever wondered how easy it is to date in your state compared to others? If you’re in North Carolina it’s not good, but it’s not terrible either. NC ranked 30th in this study. The Palmetto State, however, ranked downright terribly. When it comes to the best states for dating, South Carolina was pretty much the worst.

SC came in 49th out of 51 (DC was counted as well). The only states that were worse? Kentucky and Nevada. Good to know that I won’t be moving their anytime soon. Where did this date come from? Using data from Google Trends, Statista, and Forbes Business, created a weighted ranking by which to rate the states for dating. From there used Statisa to find the percentage of single-person households in each state. Then they used Google Trends for the average search volumes of inquiries like “date ideas,” “first date activities near me,” and “florists near me” by state, and Forbes Business for data on the average annual income for a single person in each state to create a Dating Index.

The dating score for South Carolina came in at a 12.67. In contrast to that, the best state for dating was actually not a state, it was Washington DC, with a score of 48.33. So I guess in conclusion I should stay in NC and not cross the border to try to find the perfect man. You can read the full study and results from BetCarolina here.

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