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Clearly as an Owner of Professional sports teams David Tepper doesn’t know what the Hell he’s doing

Firing the Charlotte FC coach Ramirez was another horrible decision that David Tepper has made. David Tepper don't have a clue how to run a National Football Team nor a professional MLS team. The Charlotte FC was one game out the MLS playoffs when the coach got fired. MLS take the top seven teams, Charlotte FC was in the eighth spot and the damn MLS playoffs don't start until freakin October!! What the hell is David Tepper doing? Charlotte FC record was better than six teams. Not to mention allllll the money David Tepper has given Matt Rhule (unproven), Teddy Bridgewater (who he paid to leave), Sam D. who has been super terrible since he arrived in Charlotte...Damn what the hell is David Tepper doing? I'm not saying David Tepper is not a smart man because clearly when it comes to business he's the BUT when it comes to making moves and bringing talent and hiring and firing people he's awful. I need to talk to David Tepper and show him what moves he needs to make, yes I said I QCB need to show billionaire David Tepper how to run a NFL team and I would have the Panthers Super Bowl Champs within 3yrs. By the way this called a Dope Blog by yours truly QCB. Read it and enjoy. You can listen to my show LIVE WITH THE QCB SATURDAY’S 1P-3P 94.7FM FOX SPORTS RADIO CHARLOTTE OR LISTEN ONLINE: FOXSPORTSRADIOCHARLOTTE.COM OR ON THE APP: FOX SPORTS RADIO CHARLOTTE.

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