Carolina Panthers

Major Game-Day Change For the Carolina Panthers

There's a major game-day change for the Carolina Panthers.  Head coach Frank Reich is giving up play-calling duties. The news was leaked on social media Monday.  Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown will take over play-calling beginning with the Panther's game against the Texans on Oct. 29.  Reich confirmed the game-day change at the team's news conference later that day. "It's always been part of the plan," Reich said.  "Something Thomas and I have discussed from the time that he was hired.  I'm excited about this for Thomas. I'm excited for our team on offense.  Thomas is a stud.  He's a great leader.  He's a brilliant offensive mind.  We all have a lot of confidence in him." According to, Reich said the decision to step away from play-calling was "100% (his) decision from start to finish." The Carolina Panthers are 0-6 on the season.  They are also the last winless team in the NFL.  Team officials hope placing Brown in the play-calling slot will spark the Panthers to their first win.  The 37-year-old Brown has been a candidate for several head coaching positions in the NFL.  He was previously assistant head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. The Carolina Panthers are enjoying a bye week and will return to action against Houston on Oct. 29.

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