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North Carolina Man Wins Massive Mega Millions Jackpot

Whenever I read "North Carolina man wins Mega Millions jackpot," I get excited. And I have hope. You see, I always say I'm going to start playing more scratch-off tickets from the North Carolina Education Lottery, but I never do. I'm a big prize guy. I don't do it often, but when I do invest in the lottery it's always PowerBall or Mega Millions. Craig Adolff of Kernersville, North Carolina is a man after my own heart. He purchased a Quick Pick ticket (my method of choice, too, btw) using Online Play. I've never done that. Perhaps I need to alter my method of operation. Anyway, Adolff managed to match all 5 white balls in the April 23 Mega Millions drawing. That means $1 million. Wait, here's where I wanted to put my arms around Craig Adolff and call him my brother in lottery playing. Craig paid the extra fee for the "Megaplier" feature of MegaMillions. This is a number that is drawn each time and for the purchaser, it multiplies the jackpot. In this case, that Megaplier number was 4. Hello, just like that $1 million turned into $4 million. Keep in mind there was no winner in the MegaMillions drawing that night. There hasn't been any winner since, for that matter. In fact, tonight, the jackpot is worth $421 million. THAT is life-altering, generational wealth. That's way too much to dream. I'm not greed like that. I just want' to be Craig Adolff. Here's what $4 million is. After Uncle Sam and the State of North Carolina each took their taste, my brother from another mother in Forsyth County took home a sweet sum of $2.8 million. That may not be generational wealth, but it is most assuredly life-altering. Think about it. One could buy a brand new, good size home AND vacation home, pay off everyone they owe AND STILL deposit between $1.8 and $2 million in the bank. You probably wouldn't quit your job, but you won't have any more times where there's too much month at the end of the money. And how great would that feel? My dream of be Craig Adolff continues with tonight's drawing.

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