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Get Your Saltburn Fix At This North Carolina Destination

I'm always one of the last to jump on the latest show or movie trend. So while I have not yet watched it, I know Saltburn is a huge deal. And it actually does seem like something I might be interested in especially when I see the comparisons of Saltburn to one of my favorite places to visit in North Carolina. According to our friends at SIXT, there has been a 10,951% increase in Google searches for “Saltburn Vacations”. Obviously, the ideal one would be the actual Saltburn mansion in the UK. But that isn't the type of trip most of us can afford to take on a whim. You're in luck though there are options to live out your Saltburn fantasies a little closer to home. Because what is better than spending time at a sprawling estate full of luxury and charm? With that in mind, our friends at SIXT found 5 estates in the U.S. that embrace the same mysterious energy and old money allure that Saltburn provides. The film Saltburn was written and directed by Academy Award winner Emerald Fennell. It tells the story of a student at Oxford University who becomes immersed in the world of an aristocratic classmate. The student has the opportunity to spend the summer at his new classmate's family's sprawling estate. The actual Saltburn mansion called the Drayton House, featured in the film is located in Northamptonshire in the English countryside. The below 5 mansions offer the same feeling of aristocracy, and wealth depicted in the hit film. And let's just say the ones I have not visited I am quickly adding to my bucket list. I am all about these destinations. Thanks to our friends at SIXT for their help and for bringing to our attention a way to live out your Saltburn fantasies in North Carolina!

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