North Carolina Is The Most NASCAR Obsessed State (Of Course We Are)

I read a lot of these types of studies daily. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they catch me by surprise, and sometimes they just have me saying "of course". I'd be shocked if it was any other way. This is the latter. A new study found that North Carolina ranked number one for states interested in NASCAR. Looks like they put the NASCAR Hall of Fame in the correct location. The study was conducted by using the monthly search volume per 100,000 searched for NASCAR drivers. With this data, they compiled a list of the 10 states that show the most interest in NASCAR. And topping the list was North Carolina.  A search volume of 1,457 per 100,000 reflects the culture of NASCAR in the state. Coming in second was our neighbors to the south, yes South Carolina. And keeping it close Virginia ranked third. Here's how the top 10 shaped out: North Carolina South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Tennessee Indiana Iowa District of Columbia Georgia Vermont Perhaps the one that stands out the most to me is Vermont. While I've never visited, and actually am not a NASCAR fan, I don't see the two of them aligning much. But what do I know? About both of those things very little! One thing I do know, is that me aside, North Carolina loves it some NASCAR. [select-listicle listicle_id="358169" syndication_name="these-are-the-most-wreck-prone-nascar-cup-drivers" description="yes"]