I Watched The HBO Max Bama Rush Documentary And You Don’t Need Too

I became infatuated with Bama Rush Tok two years ago. And I was anxiously awaiting rush week in 2022 like millions of others. The sorority recruitment process at the University of Alabama blew up on TikTok in August of 2021. And with all the hype and attention on the process in 2022 rumors circled about a possible documentary or reality show. Anyone familiar with Greek life in any capacity knows that this would be highly frowned upon. Girls were warned during rush not to engage or film. Some were even kicked out of Rush due to being suspected of filming or recording audio. So when the rumors were confirmed a few weeks ago and the trailer for the HBO Max Bama Rush Documentary dropped, I was a little shocked. And a little excited. Don't Waste Your Time With The HBO Max Bama Rush Documentary But for the most part, I'd say that this is a great example of if you don't have the footage just don't do it. The documentary was well boring. There were a couple of girls they followed, some ended cooperation with HBO Max before Rush even began. A couple of rush coaches were also included, but overall, it lacked substance. There are a lot of video montages and clips taken from TikTok. And the TikTok users' content that was included, they found out with the rest of the world. Yep, HBO Max didn't even tell creators they were going to be included in the Bama Rush Documentary. They certainly didn't compensate them. And with sororities and girls flat-out refusing to participate, this project couldn't have existed without TikTok videos. The footage just wasn't available. And for good reason. If you have absolutely no concept of sorority recruitment and want to learn or perhaps want to participate then maybe give it a watch. I was in a sorority in college, though not as cut-throat as at Alabama so I was familiar with the process of Rush. But if you were a fan of Bama Rush I'd just wait it out for season 3 on TikTok coming this August. The documentary was lackluster, generic, and just not worth the time. See you at work week Bama girls! [select-listicle listicle_id="375625" syndication_name="alabama-rush-2022-has-begun-and-tiktok-is-loving-it" description="yes"]

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